Will the metaverse game Murphy be the brightest new star at BSC?

“What is the end of the Internet?” Could it be the metaverse?”


The science fiction Avalanche depicts an online virtual world of multiple people called metaverse, where users can see the metaverse through a visual-eye device, in a virtual world drawn by a computer, with bright lights and millions of people walking through Central Avenue.


The main road and world rules of the Metaverse are set by the Computer Association’s Global Multimedia Protocol Organization, where developers need to purchase land development permits, which enable them to construct streets, build buildings, parks, and various things that violate the laws of reality.


It must be admitted, however, that the meta-universe at present is still in its infancy, both in terms of innovative play and infrastructure construction. With the rising market heat and the entry of technology giants, it can be believed that the infrastructure of the metaverse ecology will be developed rapidly, we will be able to experience the cool virtual universe in the near future.


Recently, the space sci-fi-themed metaverse game “Murphy” announced the game introduction and product roadmap. The game integrates the traditional space game play with the NFT collection, GameFi, P2E while playing while making money, liquid mining through the deployment  on the blockchain.


Will the metaverse game Murphy be the brightest new star at BSC?


The ambition of the Murphy project team can be seen through the game introduction and product roadmap.


Murphy built a vast virtual sci-fi world on the BSC, a game story that revolves around the depletion of Earth’s resources after hundreds of years, and the need for a planet called Murphy to compete for an energy ore called “MP” for the continuation of civilization, which is Murphy’s game’s interest.


Murphy basically has the usual space-like SLG gameplay, such as character formation systems, battles between fleets and ships in space, wars against aliens, exploration and construction of planets, and even PVP and rank play, all of which are planned, thus will not be highlighted.


Given the performance and interaction costs on blockchain, Murphy’s development team says static interactions were still used initially, rather than the graphical interface interactions of various online and mobile games today, which prevents players from paying too much gas in the game for frequent interactions. This, like most blockchain games, is a last resort.


Murphy’s development roadmap predicts that fully independent clients will be online in Q4 2022, and it is worth looking forward to.


In fact, for the current metaverse game, the most important is the economic system.


Murphy broke the rule that the traditional online game players must follow the developer’s preset route to “break through”, the virtual assets in the game is no longer belonging to the game company as the reversable” string of code”. Resources obtained in the game could be brought into reality, this is the difference between traditional online game and metaverse, but also Murphy’s biggest innovation.


As seen in the movie “Number One,” players can work in the metaverse anytime, anywhere to earn property and use it to buy things in the real world.


Breaking the NFT’s Dilemma


In Murphy, players can purchase blind boxes to get NFT character cards, which are divided into three races, namely mechanical warriors, mechanical orangutans, and mechanical dogs.


Each race card is divided into R, E, L three levels, for each race R with 6 series, E with 2, L with 1, then a race has 27 card faces,  all races have totally  10,500 cards.


Will the metaverse game Murphy be the brightest new star at BSC?


There are also extremely rare leader cards that are available through auction ,not through blind boxes.


Players can get rewards as long as they hold NFT, different levels of NFT indicates different income, the higher the level, the lower probability, the higher the yield.


This game by combining NFT with mining, changed the current dilemma that most NFT can only be collected, so that the players can continue to obtain income.


For a fair start, Murphy games has no pre-dug, the team does not reserve tokens, or selfless fundraising. The game is relatively fair, and 30% of the sale proceeds of blind box NFT will be used for late game development and maintenance, 20% will be used to motivate developers, 50% will be used to buy back and destroy MP, the use of funds will be made public. In this way, the game has enough development funds, the team does not set aside tokens to crash the game, and there is money for maintenance.


In addition, the in-game team system allows the player’s hero character and fellow NFT to form a battle team, which could not only hold NFT revenue, but also enjoy additional game revenue.


In this way the circulation of NFT increases, in order to team with NFT team ,players will exchange their own holding of NFT in the trading market, which can break the dilemma that the market is lack of liquidity of the NFT.



Murphy’s NFT also adds a MLoot property that, from the card face, is currently open and locked. According to officials, MLoot is drawing on the recent heat “The Loot game”, giving NFT random term properties.


Will the metaverse game Murphy be the brightest new star at BSC?


It is expected that after the opening of the third phase of star Arena in 2022, NFT players will be airdropped MLoot NFT, and they will synthesize their NFT and MLoot to give their NFT cards unique skills and attributes in the arena.


For example, a frozen bomb can slow down an opponent’s movements, a flame bomb can keep his opponent bleeding, and an energy barrier can withstand some attacks. If features and attributes are not what you want, you can also exchange them with other players through the trading market to get the MLoot NFT that best meets your needs.


There is no denying that loot’s emergence has brought endless imagination, but so far it has not been well applied. Murphy’s MLoot is also the first time being used in a metaverse game.


It can be said that Murphy game gives players high degree of freedom. The P2E-earned model makes NFT more than just a collectible, enhancing NFT’s circulation through combat teams and property bonus while Mloot innovatively develops Loot.


Murphy is not only a simple game, but also an exciting social experiment, says the director of the Metaverse First Alliance.


Murphy has outlined a future sci-fi world for us, and as a metaverse project on BSC, Murphy boldly incorporates more interesting ideas and concepts to break through, on the basis of ensuring the playability of the game.


It is believed that Murphy’s team can explore innovative play of the metaverse by giving the metaverse asset liquidity, giving us more imagination space when the NFT and metaverse erupt.


Discord: https://discord.gg/PbG6hvysVe




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