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11/20/2021 • thpm30000000Mon, 29 Nov 2021 18:01:07 -080029pm21

MeRace announced making important achievements in China and South Korea

The official of the metaverse sports platform MeRace recently announced that they have made important progress in their market work in China and South Korea. According to our interview with an executive of MeRace, after several weeks of negotiations, China’s Meta (shenzhen) technology and South Korea’s Yedang Online has officially signed an agency cooperation agreement with “BRILLIANT FAITH”, the parent company of MeRace, and is fully responsible for the promotion of “FunBall”, the first game of MeRace platform, in China and South Korea. The executive said that the combined population…

11/16/2021 • GMT-0800000000-08:000729pm21

Dragon Mainland will launch its DMS LBP auction on November 17th

According to official news from the team, Dragon Mainland has announced that its ecosystem and governance token, DMS, will be auctioned via LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool). It will take place on its official website (   The LBP will open at 12pm (UTC) on November 17, 2021 and will end at 12pm (UTC) on November 19, lasting 48 hours.   Dragon Mainland will invest a total of 15 million DMS and US$1.5 million USD in USDT. The initial weighting is 98%:2% and the final weighting is 90.8%:9.2%. The DMS starting…

11/12/2021 • NovemberMon, 29 Nov 2021 18:01:07 -08000129pm21


Cobrazilla, supported by the concepts of DEFI and NFT and based on the meta-universe system as the standard, will pre-sell 1,000 copies of the earliest consensus, set up 1,000 coin holding addresses, and target 100,000 addresses. The exchange will be launched in March. For specific times, follow the pre-sale address on Twitter :Cobrazilla1Token name: Cobrazilla, at the beginning of November, 1000 pre-sales completed online bo cake BSC, Kucion. Overseas B network, etc., total issuance: 100 trillion, anti-whale, 0 reserved.Cobrazilla received UCOIN, BLOCKON, Advantage Capital, And Pulse Capital. Thousands of joint…

11/02/2021 • GMT-0800000000-08:000729pm21

Dragon Mainland’s last 900 Genesis Fire Dragon Eggs to be sold on Binance

Dragon Mainland( is officially teaming up with Binance to release the remaining 900 Fire Dragon Eggs on Nov 3 – Nov 4 @12pm utc in 2 rounds.   They will be available on the Binance’s NFT platform ( as Fire Dragon vouchers for 0.5 BNB each. They can be redeemed on Dragon Mainland’s website on Nov 5, 2021, at 12PM UTC.   DM website: Voucher Egg Rush (BinanceNFT): Twitter: Rules:


Dragon Mainland’s DMS IDO is on Fire

Dragon Mainland has “officially” started it’s IDO campaign as of Nov 1 @12PM UTC. It’s open to all users. 1,000,000 DMS are available. 1000 whitelist winners will be able to purchase 1000 DMS each. Details: Price: 0.25 BNB / 1000 DMS Whitelist quota: 1000 users Registration: Nov 1 – Nov 3 @12PM UTC Whitelist announcement: Nov 4 – Nov 5 @12PM UTC Payment date: Nov 5 – Nov 6 @12PM UTC Website: Twitter: IDO tutorial:  

10/28/2021 • GMT-080006000000Mon, 29 Nov 2021 18:01:07 -08000729pm21

Congratulations to Facebook for changing its meta-universe name Meta, and to Defi’s new giant Libra for officially launching the main network pledge online!

Recently heavy news, 2021, Facebook renamed meta-universe name Meta, directly open dry for the future of the meta-universe, here, warmly congratulate Facebook, is about to transcend the boundaries of the nation, reconstruct the human organization, and just yesterday, defi new giant Libra Libra, yesterday the world officially launched the main network pledge online, Libra once online, detonated the world! , the number of registrants yesterday has exceeded more than 30,000, the pledge amount has exceeded 370,000 USDT, the attention of all, Libra has undoubtedly become the hottest topic in the…

10/25/2021 • Nov20211129pm21

SEX GAME explores the integration of the AV industry with games

SEX GAME are exploring ways to combine the AV industry, the mesh industry and NFT and GameFi. Abalone games have partnerships with a large number of world-class AV actresses, different social media networks and IP groups in related industries. By exploring the combination of AV industry and game, enhance the user experience, tool creation, prop use, environment creation in the gaming environment so that players in the metacosmic world to experience the virtual joint reality of multiple experiences. SEX GAME NFT and SEX GAME Token are equally important to ecology,…

10/23/2021 • thpm30000000Mon, 29 Nov 2021 18:01:07 -080029pm21

Madison Holdings plans strategic investment in multi-chain wallet platform AoLink

Madison Holdings plans to make a strategic investment in AoLink, a multi-chain wallet platform. The cross-chain wallet launched by AoLink has now helped tens of thousands of users to store digital assets scientifically, supporting the interaction and access support of blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, Eos, Tron, etc. It is currently exploring the development path of support facilities for high-quality applications. Helping Web3.0 applications grow rapidly

10/22/2021 • NovemberMon, 29 Nov 2021 18:01:07 -08000129pm21

SHIB will be available on Robinhood as early as October 25

Vlad Tenev (Robinhood CEO) revealed in a just concluded interview that SHIB will be coming to Robinhood as early as October 25 and that everything is being prepared and that with the launch of the Bitcoin ETF, Robinhood will also launch more crypto assets so that more people can get involved in investing in crypto assets.

10/18/2021 • Nov20211129pm21

GNT’s value marker in the Glacier Network project

It is understood that the Glacier Network is a fusion of GameFi, NFT, DeFi finance, trading and other fields of the meta-cosmic ecological platform. The developer community has also been through a long period of technical friction, and now finally heard the news of the upcoming release of the platform token GNT. The token is launched as a lock pool, fully decentralized for user participation, and is also the concept of community autonomy for the Glacier Network project. The handling fee generated by user participation will be used to hold…