Bitcoin rebounds past $43,000; ZT surprises continue

On March 22nd, according to ZT market data, Bitcoin broke through $43,000 and is now quoted at $42,816.5034, a 24-hour increase of 3.97%. (Data as of time of writing)

Bitcoin rebounds past ,000; ZT surprises continue

This is the highest level since March 3rd.


ZT Exchange Research Institute said the rally stretch is in stark contrast to the lack of volatility and less volatile scenarios since the weekend, and neatly fits with more bullish forecasts surrounding the near-term trajectory.


Investors who started Bitcoin in November 2021 gradually moved and sold due to new geo-risks and market uncertainties, and then these supplies were gradually absorbed by buyers with higher convictions, aggravating 29,000 to 4 Bitcoin cost basis in the $10,000 price range.


In the future, the cryptocurrency market will continue to fluctuate, and investors can choose from a variety of ways to add value to their assets. At present, ZT has carried out international community activities and ETF blind box activities.


1. ZT International Community and Twitter Activities

In February, the market continued to pick up. In order to thank new and old users for their support, ZT launched a variety of welfare activities. This month, ZT specially organized welfare activities for Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Korean communities.


Pakistani Community: Join the community from 10:00 on March 21st to 10:00 on April 1st (UTC), and complete the registration to get 50,000SHIB airdrop rewards, and the transaction amount can be accumulated to a certain amount. Get more SHIB airdrops.

Bitcoin rebounds past ,000; ZT surprises continue

Bangladeshi Community: During the event time, users who newly register ZT, the top 20 users can get 15 ZTB rewards, and can also participate in the activities of transaction accumulation and transaction ranking to get airdrops.

Bitcoin rebounds past ,000; ZT surprises continue

Korean Community: New registered users who join the community during the event period and complete the transaction of any trading pair can participate in the lottery and receive TRX airdrop rewards.

Bitcoin rebounds past ,000; ZT surprises continue

2- ETF Blind Box Sweepstakes

Bitcoin rebounds past ,000; ZT surprises continue

According to the official website, from 00:00 on March 22nd to 00:00 on March 25th (UTC+8), ZT will open the ETF blind box lottery and trade to share 6,000 USDT.


New users who participate in the ETF will have the opportunity to win the Happy Friday Blind Box Lucky Draw. At the same time, they can also participate in the trading competition and share the super prize of 6000USDT.


Write at the end

At present, the crypto market is unpredictable, and the market has reached a key node. It may rise or fall in an instant, or it may fluctuate for a long time. All we have to do is wait.

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