The Circle of Convergence: HyperNation Officially Kicks Off a Series of Exciting Updates!

The highly anticipated community event is finally here. After days of waiting for the rumoured mega updates, HyperNation announced several new features poised to bring value-adding perks to all loyal hodlers. The event entitled ‘Circle of Convergence’ records a whooping attendance of 8,000+ unique online participants who turn up and celebrate with the community worldwide.


The recent price hike of HNT to a phenomenal 139% was a prelude that cued its tokenomic fitness as the market confidence gradually picked up its momentum. Now, to further release the potential of HNT as a tool that fetches more values, Circle of Convergence discloses a series of updates encompassing the ecosystem of The HyperNation.


No More Waiting, Liquidity Mining’s Finally Here


One of the significant milestones written in our roadmap has been Liquidity Mining. Many citizens have been eagerly looking for Liquidity Mining since months ago. Finally, the wait ends here as the Circle of Convergence invites every loyal hodler to stand up and provide liquidity to the designated decentralized exchange in return for lucrative rewards in The HyperNation.


When most public chains from the consensus layer rely on flat public chain encryption, The HyperNation applies a two-layer design instead to uphold this community consensus that our citizens hold most dear. A liquidity miner or provider may deposit assets into a shared pool called a liquidity pool, consisting of a trading pair, such as HNT/USDT. As a reward, Liquidity Provider receives a portion of the trading fees associated with that pair. Plus, LP tokens will be issued via the smart contract as proof of providing liquidity.


Several benefits are granted to citizens in The HyperNation who opt for Liquidity Mining. Besides generating passive income in return, it is a fair distribution of governance tokens ready to reward all devoted miners. The entire process is open governance with low entry barrier for all citizens to opt in.


Booster Plans for a Real Boost to Your Stakes


To walk far, walk together; to walk fast, you NEED A BOOSTER. Yes, without gilding the lily, the grand event also reveals the Booster Plans everyone has longed for. These Booster items allow you to expedite the rewards pending time – faster than the ordinary waiting period – The HyperNation makes it easy for everyone to claim these awesome Boosters with just one simple step: subscribe to Citizen Welfare.


Resonating ‘Equal Opportunity’ that is fundamental in The HyperNation, every citizen who has subscribed to Citizen Welfare will receive either a Wizard Hat or a Spear. All seven of them come with stunning outlooks that reflect your enviable status. Put them on with your Citizen avatar and receive either a Reward Speed boost or a Value Emission boost.


Next Up, GameFi Exploration to the Outer Space


Other than that, the announcement that steals the limelight includes a sneak peek of the well-planned GameFi process in The HyperNation. This announcement creates mysterious suspense in the community. Acclaimed to be the first virtual nation in the metaverse, The HyperNation is confident that the upcoming launch of GameFi mechanism will entice everyone’s passion as more details roll out. Stay tuned.


Rewarding Every Participating Citizen with 3000CP


Yes, with an encrypted hidden message: <3K, the generous rewards of 3000 CP each is our hint to all loyal citizens who tune in to our live-streaming ‘Circle of Convergence’ event.


Also, mysterious giveaways handed out several prizes through 15 rounds of quiz, in which all participants enjoyed a lot entertained by those humorous questions, in which citizens are prompted to choose between ‘Universal Basic Income’ and ‘Uncle’s Business Investment’.


The HyperNation concludes the event with everyone’s excitement. Humbled by the strong supports from all citizens, our team is committed to make sure that The HyperNation is on the right path developing towards a better future, for everyone. For full details of the announcement in ‘Circle of Convergence’ event, feel free to replay the video recording posted on our social media. Links listed as below:


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